The Art of Loving {A sibling story} 2

It’s easy to be swept up by the desire to express love through objects and scripted words this February.  Thankfully after reflecting on a chaotic beautiful day with my littles I’ve been reminded just how wonderful TRUE LOVE is! From the eyes of my littles love is literally thrusting your […]



A Surprise Picnic Can Change a Day 2

I woke today to I discover that Brent packed a picnic lunch for the kids and I to enjoy on our first day back to the school and work routine.  We just wrapped up our first successful spring break road-trip as a family.  Imagine the rough first morning back to […]

Best Compliment from the Kids

Upon reflecting on my day it seems that today more than most days our kiddos just wanted each other.  Little concern for toys or a favorite tv show they just wanted to be close to each other and to me. I’ll be honest more often than not our constant desire […]

I promise I'm sleeping

They Grow: Creating a tooth fairy pillow 2

Mr. Junebug lost his first tooth this weekend.  I seriously cannot believe our little guy who isn’t even five yet lost his first tooth.  I’ve read that it’s not out of the scope of normal for a 4 year old to loose a tooth.  His bottom front teeth were impacted […]

Dare to Dream!

Daydreamer. Dare I admit it I’m a daydreamer.  I once hoped to launch a wine slushy mix company under the Daydreamer name. I set the idea aside because though I absolutely loved creating the logo and recipe it just didn’t feel right for my hectic momma life. My newest dream […]

Seriously I can't even believe this was taken nearly 2 years ago.  I just love seeing the way plants inspire our littles.