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This post was originally written on January 7th.  I didn’t post it then because… well because… life gets crazy.  Rereading it today I felt a urge to share the hectic-ness of this life with you.

Yesterday was one of those days where everything was off.  The day started with such hope I made my first Etsy sale of the year on January 3rd and it was shipping day.  Naturally, the Priority Mail box I needed was only available at the largest post office in our area so we drove 24 miles the a mega post office.  I had the help of two knee-high sillies {ages 3 and 18 months} who were so excited to be my helpers on such a special trip.  Let’s just say the littles danced, giggled and tried to run away from me the entire time.  The postal workers and other customers were so kind smiling at the silliness and reminiscing about when their kids were once little.

Success package shipped … enter grand feeling of triumph … off to the mall we go … I can do this.

At the mall the silliness encircled us.  I wish I was exaggerating when I say more than twenty people over the course of or monumental trek through that mall laughed out loud at us.  At their silliness and my complete inability to convince my daughter that quickly veering off course toward the nearest escalator alone is ALWAYS a dangerous idea or that rolling on the floor at the mall is “yucky”!  So our journey continued as I carried a squirming 32 pounder on each hip.

Oh and for some ridiculous reason I felt it necessary and completely manageable to buy myself a coffee.  One of those special I’m a busy exhausted mom who deserves a treat simply to get me through the adventure of today cups of coffee.  Mind you I have two arms not three.  Naturally being the frugal lady I am I wasn’t about to waste $2.18 worth of Finger Lakes Coffee so we sloshed our way back to the car.  So I get it I looked RIDICULOUS!

But really what’s with so many twenty and thirty somethings walking around the mall and laughing at someone rather than offering an encouraging smile.  I’ll guess they don’t have children and that they mistakenly think this adventure is just what happens when you don’t do parenting the right way.  I’m still trying to convince myself that all this laughter was simply because we looked adorable and not because we were a hot mess.  Note to self: NEVER think you can tackle a cross mall trek of one of the largest malls in the country without a double bob stroller a nice cup holder for your fancy splurge coffee and a good set of earmuffs that will adequately muffle laughter.

Huge sigh of relief once the littles are buckled and we’re about to head home … Mr. D gets off the bus … We play for an hour in the snow … the littlest little goes home {he’s my daycare buddy} … dinner … story time … bedtime … I’m exhausted!

“Shall we PiYo?”my husband asks full of energy and enthusiasm.  I’d really rather skip it after such an exhausting day I wasn’t in the mood to start working out at 9:30. pm.  Never one to admit that he can do something I can’t I reluctantly hopped up.  You must know all workout I kept catching him smiling at me or winking.  His gentle eyes silently encouraging me to keep going.  The poor guy with his great intentions was met with a wife who was knee-deep in her own damn pity party.  Thankfully he ignored that side of me and kept working out knowing full well that I’d follow his lead.  I love PiYo and usually get in the game the minute I hear the music and start to workout.  This time I was grumpy and exhausted until the last 3 minutes and 47 seconds.

Suddenly I realized I’d done my whole workout trying to prove something to him rather than embracing the time I was given.  Time without wiggly toddlers, dribbled coffee or laughter from the peanut gallery!  It was simply time for ME!  I’m so thankful that this mans encouragement and my stubborn desire to prove something to him got me off the couch to give just a little more.

DSC_0112I start my next accountability group next Monday it’ll be the first one I’ve coached by myself.  After days like this I’m more determined than ever to give my teammates tools to find their inner strength amid the chaos of life.  Will you join us on this crazy journey?  Drop me a line to join our team.  I promise you’re worth it!DSC_0113

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