Here’s my theory… while trying to be super introspective lately I came across two things.  I’m a dreamer… the kind who imagines creating beautiful art and super awesome projects for our home that EVERYONE loves.  And the kind who pins all of your impressive DIY posts.  I try really hard to follow through with these projects any chance I get a free minute.

 And the second thing I discovered… I’m a perfectionist. {For you astute followers I’ve posted about this one before}  Yikes! So here I am peacefully dreaming of wonderful paintings, reupholstered chairs and a killer banquette.  Time to get creating and then feel so proud of my creativity, right?  If only it was that simple.  Instead as I create my perfectionist obsession creeps in.  ‘That doesn’t look like the picture in your head.’ ‘This blog post stinks, don’t publish it instead it should get cozy within the draft folder.’ ‘That line isn’t squiggly enough.’ ‘No one will like that!’  Sometimes I beat myself up so much that I go on a creative hiatus disguised as being super busy with other things {cleaning, kiddos, cleaning the kiddos.}

But I’m coming clean in hopes of forcing myself to take time for creativity!  If I know one thing about myself I know it feels so good to create something beautiful not perfect but beautiful!  So be free… go create and dream!

My handmade bird votives
…{create . dream . inspire}…

280 thoughts on “…{A Dangerous Combination}…

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