I woke today to I discover that Brent packed a picnic lunch for the kids and I to enjoy on our first day back to the school and work routine.  We just wrapped up our first successful spring break road-trip as a family.  Imagine the rough first morning back to work after a 10 day vacation.  The nagging early alarm, the need for a good cup of coffee, the daydream of the work headaches to come, oh and the the endless rushing. Now imagine taking time away from all that must be done to create a sweet little picnic for your loves all of whom are sleeping through the wee hours of the morning.  Seriously who does that?   Apparently he does and I couldn’t be more thankful.picnic


So after Mr. Junebug wrapped up morning pre-K we headed off for a picnic adventure.  At the park we met the sweetest family.  Seriously these people were so kind and clearly we share the love for outdoor adventures.  We spent the afternoon with them slopping around the muddy pond.  Miss Wishbone in her fanciest socks and shiny shoes.  While Mr. Junebug rocked his new orange boat shoes.  By the end we were covered in mud yet so thrilled to have made new friends and shared the best surprise picnic of our lives.  Thanks Daddy!

Our littles our feeling pretty accomplished aftPicnicer fulfilling the one request of all of our northern friends and family.   “Have a great trip and PLEASE bring the sun back with you!”  Yesterday Mr. Junebug excitedly pointed out that we succeeded “we brought the sun back!”  Our first crocuses have bloomed, our maple taps have been removed and we absolutely embraced the day, picnic and all.

I promise I have not been coerced by my better half to write this post.  In fact I’m pretty certain that when he reads this he’ll be embarrassed that I spotlighted him.  Oh how I love genuine modesty!

189 thoughts on “A Surprise Picnic Can Change a Day

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