Hi I’m Erica, I’m a proud mom of three, a happy wife aspiring entrepreneur & a lifelong dreamer who loves to create fun new things.  I’m also an eager artist and all around lover of everything beautiful and inspiring. Join me as I share my experience with the seasons of loss and my quest to be inspired by the beauty of life’s simplest moments.  Welcome.

Our family lives among the mountains in beautiful Central New York. This year we’re taking on a dream to turn our acre into a mini farm.  Here we’ll chronicle our adventures with ducks, an expanded garden, and sustainability {especially environmental and financial}  I love to dream, to create and to help others find happiness.

I’m inspired by the simple things in life.  I believe in love.  I believe in you.  I’m so grateful you have shared part of your day with us.  Please continue to join us on this beautiful journey.  Together we’ll follow our creative dreams and live life more fully.

You bring something to this world that no one else can!

The MySonflower Family:


is a proud mom of three, a happy wife aspiring entrepreneur & a lifelong dreamer who loves to spend time outside.  She’s also an eager artist and all around lover of everything beautiful and inspiring. Join as she shares her experience with the seasons of loss and her quest to be inspired by the beauty of life’s simplest moments.


The Kiddos {for their privacy we use their pregnancy nicknames}

{Seth our angel baby watching over us since July 2009}

{“Junebug” our energetic and fun-loving five-year-old son.  He enjoys keeping us on task- wonder where he inherited that?}

{“Wishbone”  our two-year-old daughter is the most active little peanut we know.  She’s very much in love with Junebug and his silly ways!}

{Laker boy.  Our beloved beagle!  He certainly has the softest ears of the bunch… seriously have you ever petted a beagles ears!?!}

A note to our readers:

It is our hope that this site documents some wonderful moments and that it can help us to raise our children.  As our blog grows we may become members of affiliate programs.  This means if you purchase an item from a link we provide, we may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.  My Sonflower is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.  Nothing is more import to our site than your trust. We promise we will only share products and services that we personally use and think would be a good fit for our readers.  Please contact us with any questions.  Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help support our family.

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