What a day… one that certainly didn’t seem all that special.  It’s a Monday how great can a Monday be right?  This day is the start to a hectic week for us.  A week of logistics, busy work schedules, and remembrance.  Then I felt it, a headache coming on.  Turns out it wasn’t just a headache it was a full on migraine one of the worst I’ve ever experienced {and I’ve experienced far to many}.  Done with the long work day I sat cradling my head as my husband drove us home, and picked up the kiddos.  Sure enough the check engine light popped on in our trusted Subaru the car that’s always reliable and never requires anything but maintenance.

The pressure pounding, curious kids baffled by the tension of this odd afternoon I get sick.  Generally this helps the migraine but not today.  Instead the painful daggers ripped through my head.  Even my the bridge of my nose ached.  I walk blindly into our home pulled the shades and retreated to the floor of our bedroom.  Little Missy was quite annoyed with my lack of concern for our routine cuddles and kisses.  She insists on nursing while I wish the pain would escape my body.  I’m embarrassed to have mentioned that this intense pain makes me feel as if I should be dead.  Not that I was wishing that I die but that the pain itself was almost pulling me towards it.

Somehow with darkness, a nursing Little Missy and the care my Mister D showed I began to feel better.  That sweet rambunctious, often mischievous 3 year old was so concerned with his mommy’s wellbeing he left his favorite dinner at least three times to check on me and ask if I was well enough to join him at the table.  Thankfully my husband set aside his tasks to tend to every parenting chore we generally tackle as a team.  I’m so appreciative!

But friends my day doesn’t stop there.  Sure my head still hurts, my eyes are tired, I need to wake up for work in 5 short hours but I must share the most amazing part of this day.  Just now I stumbled upon Mundane Faithfulness about a beautiful woman and her beautiful family who are traveling through her painful and overwhelming battle with cancer.  I’m completely captivated and amazed by the words that Kara use to describe her journey, their constant belief in God, and her honest prayers for the days ahead.  How can I sit here with my head in a daze, my beautiful babies nestled into their beds and my husband who loves us so much without acknowledging my absolute blessings in this world.

I try to live each day as a grateful person.  I’m a proud mommy of Mister D Little Missy and their big brother Seth who watches down on us from Heaven.  That situation in itself has made me a far more appreciative and grateful person.  I’ve become the mom who enjoys being up in the middle of the night with an infant.  Still I’m so captivated and forever thankful when the words of a stranger remind me how I must praise God for all that I’ve been given.

Thank you Kara.  Thank you for being so beautiful and for taking time away from all that you must want to savor to share your story.  A story which in turn is changing lives.  You’ve surely changed my life and will do so for so many others who will never meet you.  You will be a part of each day of mine as I wake up to the patter of little feet running into my room or the smell of stinky babies covered in dirt.  You have helped me to truly come back to all that is important and most beautiful and for that I praise your courage.  I thank you with all of my heart for reminded me just how important it is to TRULY savor the beautiful mundane moments of faithfulness.  In the scheme of things our somewhat broken vehicle, the overly touchy Mister D and my migraine are just beautiful side effects of something amazing… LIFE.  Without it I won’t have the privilege to know the pain of a migraine or the beauty of a muddy toddler.  With prayers and gratitude to you Kara {and family}!

343 thoughts on “Beautiful Life

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