happier tomorrow les.1 foot lotion

Welcome to my new Building Happier Tomorrows Series!  This idea like most of mine came to me late at night when the laundry and dishes were next on my list.  Rather than tending to them I did the creative thing and let my mind imagine the difference I hope to make in this world.  For years I’ve been stuck with trying to find the joy in the mundane moments of my life.  I’ve spent years bowing to piles of laundry rather than making time for creativity.  I want to be remembered for living big and finding happiness even when days seem mundane.  It is my hope that this series will serve as a way to create happier tomorrows {in my home and yours}.

LESSON 1lotion toes

Nearly two years ago I fell in love with a family I don’t know. It’s hard to explain really but after reading the words of Kara Tippetts I was forever changed. I wrote about my first reactions to her blog here {written on the very night I found her}. Long story short I was hurting when I stumbled upon her blog Mundane Faithfulness yet her words captured me in my grief and encouraged my heart to believe in something larger than my reality.  I found her on October 22nd, 2013 it was {bare with me here} the anniversary of the eve of my first born’s due date. Ha ha that sounds ridiculous… my son Seth died, he was due to be born October 23rd, 2009.  To mommas dates like these matter and I was heartbroken with grief.  Anyway I was in awe of Kara’s love for God and her dedication to share her story despite its pain.  Plus I believe there was a fate that kept me up well into the wee hours that night.  Were it not for my despair that night I wouldn’t know the story of Kara.

In one memorable post Kara shared her nightly tradition rubbing the feet of her four little ones with lotion.  That stuck with me.  Here’s a woman battling a disease no being should face and she devoted time to lotion 40 tiny toes each night.  Oh to savor their sweetness!  Imagine being one of those kids seriously… they felt her big love!  I’m determined to bring calming traditions into my home.  While visiting our favorite local health food store, Natur-Tyme, with my daughter we stumbled upon a sweet lavender lotion.  Born a lotion lover she was covered after just one squirt.  Honestly my first reaction was to rub it off with a towel and go on about our less smelly business.

And then I remembered Kara’s tradition and my goal to sooth these little ones of mine.  So we found the biggest container of Alaffia Shea & Lavender Body Lotion they had.  Later I learned that this great lotion is not only perfectly smelly it’s also certified fair trade, with unrefined ingredients, and a whole bunch of other awesome things.  This company even has a maternal health care program in Africa {the origin of the shea they use}.  Even if you don’t buy this lotion do check this company out, I wish more companies were this giving to people and responsible for the way they leave our planet.  I’m in love with our new tradition and I can happily say I just returned from lotioning the feet of my little ones at 2:17am {because with the chaos of stories and teeth brushing I forgot to tend to this tradition hours ago}.


I’m praying for you and your new traditions!  Please feel welcome to post traditions that make a difference in your life they may just make a difference for another family too!  Sharing is what our new Building Happier Tomorrow’s series is all about!

P.S. I just discovered that Alaffia also has a line of baby products.  Here’s a link to their Moisturizing Shea Butter Bubble Bath for Babies, Lemon-Lavender.  I’ll be sure to let you know what the kids think after we try the bubble bath!

This post contains affiliate links, full disclosure about our affiliates may be found here.  Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help to support our family.

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  240. Loved this article. Perhaps I will start this tradition up with my hubby. I have for years lotioned his feet now and then, mostly after he had had a long day. He loves the attention. So maybe we’ll have to make it happen more often and that way I’ll get my feet rubbed too! 🙂

    Love tiny kid toes. Were the kids asleep at 2am when you did it? Lol. Sounds like a good activity at night when daddy reads them their bedtime stories.

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