Upon reflecting on my day it seems that today more than most days our kiddos just wanted each other.  Little concern for toys or a favorite tv show they just wanted to be close to each other and to me.

I’ll be honest more often than not our constant desire to be near to each other gets us into trouble.  And other times it’s simply the best compliment for my weary heart after a long exhausting day.  A few minutes ago I could hear Little Miss breathing on the other side of the half wall.  Rather than repeating my request for her to return to bed I surprised her with a request for more love.  “Could you come kiss mommy again before you go to bed?  I want one more kiss.” Without speaking a word she rushed to my side with the biggest smile on her face.  As I continue this post she’s crept closer and closer to my feet.  Inching her way a few feet at a time from her room… down the hall… through the kitchen… into our dinning room and now beside the table.  She doesn’t come alone.  She’s well prepared with a huge Minnie Mouse {who she still refers to as Mickey}, two blankets and the cushion from her dolls crib.  Each time I glance over she gives me the best don’t mind me Momma I’m just sleeping peacefully performance.  She was put to bed an hour ago yet her inner night owl refuses to slumber.20150327_212034  How am I so fortunate to have the gift of her unwavering desire to be near me even when I feel like I’m not doing things right as a mom?  Maybe I should begin to worry less about my inner criticisms and focus more on the reactions they give.  Clearly she’s satisfied with our messy house and her less than perfect mommy.


This afternoon I was the silent observer watching as both kiddos gleefully shared adventures on a fishing boat scuba diving for sharks, lobster and horseshoe crabs.  Where do they get this?  Until recently most of their time playing together has either included a parent referee or been a completely disaster ending in tears.  As much as I couldn’t stand those moments, and we still have plenty, I’m beginning to see that we’ve each learned so much from them.  I doubt that I would be quite as comforted by the beauty of their desire for each others closeness if it had always been this way.  Going through the hard of their sharing battles and constant touchiness helps me to see just how strong their love and admiration for each other is.

And she’s sleeping… victory!  Who or what do you long to be near?

406 thoughts on “Best Compliment from the Kids

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