Sunset Snuggles

Sunset Snuggle

This post was originally written on March 23rd, 2015.  I never published it (for fear that it wasn’t written well enough.)  Since today marks one month since Kara’s passing I’ve decided to share it now… though it can’t fully explain how deeply I admire her.

Thankful!  Surely I’m thankful for the blessings of my life, not only that I’m here but that others choose to be here to live {and love} this life next to me.  Today marks 8 years since Brent in the most romantic way surprised me with a Monterey Bay beach proposal.  It’s also been exactly 11 years since our first official dating anniversary.  I’m thankful for another day and more anniversaries and the unbelievable messes of our littles.


I’m also thankful for a mind open to perspective.  Yesterday I cried deep heartfelt tears for a woman I aspire to be like.  Sweet Kara Tippetts an amazing author, loving mother and wife passed away yesterday.  I’ve followed her amazingly courageous journey since October 22nd, 2013.  {I swear I’m not a stalker I know the date because the first time I read Kara’s honest words I was so amazed that I wrote this blog post about her in the middle of the night}.  I knew instantly that Kara was someone I hoped I could be like.  Not only was she honest and courageous she was giving of her time, kind in ways I dream of being, and full of love.  I will never be able to fully understand the courage Kara mustered to openly share her journey with the Mundane Faithfulness community.  Each time I read a post I marveled at her ability to show grace and courage in the face of the overwhelming challenges cancer brought.  I aspire to write with even half the eloquence and perspective she did.  I hope that I can set aside my introverted ways to show those I love and admire how special the are without fear of sounding over the top or disingenuous.  Thank you sweet Kara for sharing your peaceful perspective and beautiful story with the world. In giving yourself to the world you have changed my life and so many others.


Mundane Faithfulness continues on thanks to Kara’s dearest friends and family do check it out!  My Sonflower is currently a sponsor of her site.  I am so blessed to be a small part of the community she created.  Hold your loved ones extra close tonight and give your littles a foot rub before tucking them into bed.  The littlest moments in life matter so much more than we can imagine!  Thanks for reading dear friend.


Junebug on his first ferry ride October 2014


Wishbone looking fabulous on her first ferry ride October 2014


45 thoughts on “Big Blessings & Heartfelt Tears

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  25. What a heartfelt post about how Kara changed your life for the better! I am planning on starting to read her book this week. Her posts and a video I watched of her reading her book were amazing. I hope to be like her too. I want to wear my heart on my sleeve too.

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