Dearest Mr. D,

Few things amaze me more these days than looking into your world.  It’s simply amazing to view life from the eyes of an inquisitive, spontaneous, kind hearted three year old.  Over the last year your entire existence has changed.


Your mom and dad are no longer just your mom and dad.

Your cozy nursery that once housed your crib now accommodates that crib and your special race car bed.

Your  toys are no longer just your toys.

Your bath time splashes have been tamed to accommodate a tinier more fragile being.

Your heart though completely perfect just one year ago has grown to know the love of a little sister.


Their first kiss 11.28.2012

A little sister who looks to you with wonder in her eye.

A little sister who is completely enamored with your silly noises.

A little sister who loves you despite your need to squish her.

A little sister who longs to be your playmate.

A little sister who has become so much more than a little sister, she’s now your friend.


In some ways writing this and imagining life from your perspective hurts me.  I wish I’d done more to prepare you for life with a little sibling.   Sure we talked about our growing belly, shared snuggles and fussy babies yet I still wonder if I could have done more to help you through this amazing transition in your little life.  Writing this also fills me with pride and excitement.  I know the love of little sisters.  I dream of the adventures you two may share.  I’m oh so proud as I watch you grow into one of the most high spirited and selfless people I know.


Tomorrow is Little Missy’s first birthday.  Before we begin that celebration I want to first celebrate you.  The you that you once were and the you that you’ve become.  You’re now far more you than I ever could have imagined.  Sure this last year has been a completely insane adventure with ups and downs and tantrums and time-outs.  It’s also been a year with more kisses, giggles and melt your heart moments than this mommy could have ever imagined.  Seriously I don’t know how many times your Daddy and I have caught the others eye just to point out the most adorable sibling bonding.

I'm so blessed with so many helping hands for pizza night.

I’m so blessed with so many helping hands for pizza night.

Garden exploration!

Garden exploration!

Enjoying Seth's 4th Birthday cupcakes.

Enjoying Seth’s 4th Birthday cupcakes.

 We’ve dreamt of friendships, shared adventures and sleepovers.  Thanks to the wonderful boy you’re becoming I know that these dreams will come true.  Thank you Mr. D… for being such a sweet son, kind brother and all around silly guy!  


Congratulations on your first year as big brother!




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