An area with beautiful beaches, friendly people and a culture rich with color and life.  I loved exploring this land and meeting the people.  Sitting on the beach you were sure to see hardworking merchants hauling pounds of handmade goods up and down the beach.  Those images and my place in the scene stuck with me. Children as young as eight or nine walking the beach with homemade pastries for sale trying to support their family.  While I was fortunate to be on a beach practicing my Spanish young children were working to support their families modest way of life.  These people have always been close to my heart I admired their determination, their modest way of life, and the lively colors that surrounded them.

Many of my fondest memories were of walking the streets each night after dinner.  The people were so welcoming with music, color and happiness.  We saw many modest homes that though uniquely beautiful clearly weren’t structurally sound.  My last visit to this beautiful community was roughly 15 years ago.  I’m very hopeful that homes have been rebuilt and reinforced since my visits.  The strength of those homes and communities like this are about to be tested across Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever-recorded, is bearing down on this beautiful town.  Tragically colorful modest homes are no match for 200 mile an hour winds.    This storm will likely hit land far exceeding the category 5 classification it’s been given.  Please keep the people of communities like Rincón de Guayabitos in your prayers!  I’m hopeful that the loss of life is far less that is being predicted.  I pray that somehow these people many of whom live without cars and running water will be able to escape this storm.  My heart will be with Rincón de Guayabitos for days to come.

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