Daydreamer. Dare I admit it I’m a daydreamer.  I once hoped to launch a wine slushy mix company under the Daydreamer name. I set the idea aside because though I absolutely loved creating the logo and recipe it just didn’t feel right for my hectic momma life. My newest dream really includes the whole family in the excitement of discovering a common goal.

This self-designed logo may inspire my next undertaking! I just loved creating a logo and brand!

This self-designed logo may inspire my next undertaking! I just loved creating a logo and brand!

For some deep-seeded reason I have felt ashamed to admit that I am a daydreamer.  I have come to feel like much of society sees a daydreamer as someone who can’t or won’t deliver upon realizing these dreams.  What if people see me as a failure for daring to share my dreams and not accomplishing them the way I hope? What if my amazingly lofty aspirations end with a change of heart and a different dream all together? Do they see me as a failure?  Maybe so.  Yet isn’t what matters the most that I dream, am strong enough to share that dream and work towards attaining it.

I aspire to discover myself and find a happiness that can only come from a journey well lived.  Dare I say NOTHING amazing has been accomplished without a dream.  I dream about changing the world about making those around me happy and healthy.  I believe in little changes and the trickle down they create.  I’m proud to dream!  I’m proud to have a list of aspirations that will likely never fit into the days I’m blessed to live.  Isn’t dreaming big and setting far reaching goals better than living within what I currently have without longing for more?  In a world where people are hungry, sick and ashamed to be themselves I want to harness my blessings {including my ability to dream} to reach out and help others {even if modestly at first.}

What do you dare to dream of?  In what ways to you long to repay the world for all that you hold dear?  Surely I’m not the only one who stays up late wishing I had done more to reach my goals today.  Rather than sleep deprivation let’s change the way we see our accomplishments let’s see and embrace the tiny steps that will have a trickle down impact in the long run.  Few dreams come true without effort, love and perseverance!

Sharing time in big brother Seth's memorial garden!

Sharing time in big brother Seth’s memorial garden!

I’m excited to begin sharing my next dream.  My family and I will be working towards living a more self-sufficient life with emphasis on the time we share and the food we consume. Please join us this year while we stumble through our first season with egg layers and an expanded harvest garden. We’ll share simple steps you can take to get started in your own home.


Seriously I can’t even believe this was taken nearly 2 years ago. I just love seeing the way plants inspire our littles.

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