Aug. 30.2012    Here I sit hungry, sleepy, stressed and in love.  I’m having my 3 hours glucose test done today.  I barely  made it through the 50 gram 1 hour test on Tuesday to learn a few hours later that my sugar levels are high.  So we earned a quick pass to the 3 hour 100 gram test this morning.  When I got the news I was concerned and stressed.  After experiencing the loss of our baby Seth during pregnancy these bumps in the road sometimes seem like hurdles for me.  I know I’m in great hands with your daddy, our doctor, midwife and family all keeping a close eye on me.  I’m praying this test and the rest of our pregnancy goes well.


Update: Our3 hour glucose test went well and results came back that we’re healthy!  I’m so looking forward to meeting little Wishbone!

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