Yesterday I attended my first business conference …{it would be completely appropriate to insert excitement and a trillion ideas popping out of my head here}… I will however spare you those details.  In essence I’m excited and ready to take on the challenge of being a true entrepreneur.  More like a multi-tasking mom, creative entrepreneur inspired by the seemingly simple things brought to my life thanks to my three kiddos.  But that doesn’t fit on my nifty little business card so I’ll stick to something simple.

I tried to fake it until I made it with this thing.  Seriously I’m used to working in an office and working with teens and playing with people under the age of 5.  I’m not used to selling myself and my vision to complete strangers.  First challenge speed networking.  In essence I offered a 30 second elevator to pitch …{one that I didn’t even know I had}… to 25 or 30 complete strangers.  Looking back it was the best activity to force me to quickly recognize the essence of what I want My Sonflower to become over the next year.  Sure some of my pitches were more polished than others but here’s what I have.

Hi, I’m Erica from My Sonflower.  I currently work in a great job with teens.  I love what I do but right now it’s not the right fit for me and my family.  I also have two young children who inspire me by their creativity and passion.  Over the next year I will be transitioning my role as a stay at home mom and will live the more creative life I’ve visioned for myself for years.  I’ve always wanted to stay home with my young kids and to become self-employed.  I’m currently a blogger and will be reopening my Etsy shop soon. I’m so excited to be changing careers and following my passion.

Krista the woman behind Boot Camp Digital is an amazing speaker who inspired me with her enthusiasm.  She explained how she positioned herself as an expert in the field of social media starting a successful company.  How she’s found a lot of success with online work without a massive budget.  Basically she rocks and was just the person I needed to hear from as I push away my doubts about entering into the unknown with a bunch of other super successful mom bloggers, creators and all around inspiring people

Then came Marty from I am Small Potatoes.  Marty is another great speaker and entrepreneur talked about the possibilities of crowd-funding.    Though I don’t think I’ll be crowd-funding anytime soon I have supported other campaigns.  He offered a number of ideas to encourage new entrepreneurs.

I have nearly 10 pages of notes from everything that was covered and ideas that jumped into me head for improving My Sonflower project.  Do stay tuned as we share this creative journey.  As Marty said yesterday knowing that people believe in what your doing is just the encouragement you need when you’re having an overwhelming day as an entrepreneur.  With that in mind you can help.  Follow my facebook page, send an encouraging message or leave a comment…{such kind gestures are completely free and mean more to me than you know}…

Note to self following my first business conference.

111 thoughts on “First business conference

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