So this one has been sitting in the draft folder for far to long.  Originally created in March of 2013.

From stay at home mommy to bag lady?  In February I wrapped up my maternity leave and headed back to the career. After having Mr. D and returning to work the transition was hard.  Like super hard every day culminated with me crying and constantly telling Brent about how  inadequate I felt.  Leaving Little Missy and returning to work has been nearly as difficult but for different reasons.  I’ve learned A LOT about myself since being promoted to Mom.  Going back to work this time reminded me how much I want to work towards a career that I direct.  A career that has the flexibility I envision for our family and these little kiddos.  I’m committed to making this dream creative career a reality!

More trying than the transition back to the office has been our switch in daycare providers.  For more than two and a half years our son has attended a highly regarded childcare center.  We were in love with the environment, his teachers and little friends.  Days full of activities, structure and structured learning.  Due to a number of factors we decided to move him to an in home settling.  I was curious.  I was nervous.  I was scared.  After meeting 0ur new childcare provider I knew my kids would be in the best hand possible.  In the end we decided that this decision brings with it so many benefits!    Little Missy started first and Mr. D joined her several weeks later.

The transition came along with some challenges.  I keep reminding myself it take the average adult months to adjust to big changes I can only imagine  how monumental a huge change in routine is for a toddler.  As we’ve become much better acquainted with our new routine and friends we’ve all learned a ton along the way.  Here’s the five most monumental things I’ve learned from this huge transition:

I’ve learned that my mommy pace isn’t what works for kids {sounds ridiculous I know but this has been a great reminder to slow down}

I’ve learned that leaning on friends and loved ones is an often necessary part of being a mom.

I’ve learned that routine is everything when you’re talking about a toddler {sure I knew this already but there’s always room to improve}

I’ve been reminded what a blessing amazing friendships are {especially when I feel so overwhelmed}

I’ve been reminded of the amazing transformations that can come from prayer and a belief in God!

I’m so relieved and fortunate to have found a new routine.  Our current happiness wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful sitter.  Her dedication to our family is something I truly will never be able to repay.  No day is perfect!  Many days are full of surprise and complete randomness!  Yet they’re all met with a happy and more relaxed me.  Here’s to you finding the best routine for your family.

As we’re about to embark in another new daycare switch I find this post so refreshing and encouraging.  There’s something so freeing about recognizing no day will be perfect!

156 thoughts on “From stay at home mom to bag lady?

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