Yesterday as I was running around our yard trying to accomplish a summers worth of projects in an afternoon Damon stopped me to play.  I should mention we had just shared a serious talk about staying WAY away from the road in front of our home.  His favorite question these days is “why?” So when my reasons for staying away from the road simply weren’t cutting it he kept prying “why” as in why can cars hurt us? “why” why is mommy so serious? Finally I answered “because if we get to close to a fast car we’d have to go to the hospital and then we couldn’t play with our toys or the baby when it comes.  Because we would have a really bad bo bo.”  To much information? Probably but hey it worked.

…{Back to the real story}… Damon stopped me from my frantic cleaning to take me for a car ride.  Enter Daddy’s 95 Dodge Intrepid that we just don’t have the heart to part with.  Don’t worry it doesn’t have plates it’s just a classy lawn ornament.  You can sense my excitement!  Anyway as I opened the rickety doors Damon ordered me to sit in the passenger seat as he drives.  Here’s how our first really imaginative game of pretend together went.  It was a BLAST!

I ask “Damon where are you driving us?

“To the hospial.”

“oh, we’re going to the hospital?  What are we going to do there, do you have a bo bo?” I ask.  (I’m assuming we’re going because we got to close to the road)

“for the baby!”

“oOOOHh, the baby’s coming?”

“yeah. Mommy buckle up buckle up, buckle up Mommy”

We buckle up and he drives us for a few minutes.  We exchange ideas about all of the fun things we’ll do when Baby Wishbone arrives.

Abruptly he hollers “Get out mommy, get out”

Curious if our game of pretend is over I ask “now what do we do?”

“We  run! Get out mommy.”

So off we ran into the garage… eerrrr I mean the “hospial.”

Our little pretend play date to the hospital made me so eager to bring this little Baby Wishbone home.  Not just for Damon he wants this playmate to join us so bad.  Man is it hard to teach a two year old about patience. Not only am I amazed and enlightened by our play date I’m also so nervous that I won’t be able to be everything to Damon and this baby at the same time.  The challenge is on!

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