IMG_1402Our kids love maple syrup the way many of their peers can’t do without ketchup.  We just can’t get enough real maple syrup.

Living in the hills of Central New York Maple Farms are one of the sweetest offerings delivered straight from the earth.  I have a confession until I met my husband Brent I had never even tasted real maple syrup.  I know.. I know… I’m so blessed that he picked me to marry and share a family with!  And then touring sugar bushes on chilly mornings wow… now that’s the icing on the cake.


On a whim I decided to pick up supplies to tap our two maple trees and produce syrup.  With four taps (two per tree) and tubing the cost will be roughly $25.  We also purchased some adorable syrup jars and an extra five gallon food grade bucket.  I borrowed my husbands brew bucket and we set out for sap!


Are you interested in tapping your trees?  This Cornell Cooperative Extension guide to maple syrup production will be just what you need.

The cooling process took a while but you can’t beat the taste of true maple syrup.  And as a gardener and lover of the outdoors I absolutely LOVED working on a crop when there was still snow on the ground!  The ratio of 40 gallons of maple sap to 1 gallon of maple syrup is a let down but seriously the adventure is well worth it!


79 thoughts on “It’s Maple Time!

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