You’re not going to believe this… I just discovered the holy grail of tricks to transform the most mundane task of cleaning.  So here’s the deal… I woke up after falling asleep at 8:30 in Mr. D’s racecar bed.  Imagine the three of us smushed in there all snug and warm or should I say completely uncomfortable for two whole hours.  Anyway back to the story… when I awoke from this glorious nap I was ready to tackle a weeks worth of cleaning.  Thankfully my family went above an beyond this week offering me well over a week worth of chores.  {It may not sound like it but I really do love this life!  I’ve also found it helps to find the humor in the chaos.}

In an effort to remind myself to remember the creative and curious spirit that goes into making what parents call "messes" I'll be posting some of my favorites.

In an effort to remind myself to remember the creative and curious spirit that goes into making what parents call “messes” I’ll be posting some of my favorites.

This sort of a joyous cleaning occasion needs music… generally I pick something ridiculous and nostalgic cue the Backstreet Boys.  But tonight ladies I choose the Bee movie soundtrack.  Sure this choice was made out of pure exhaustion.  No sense holding up the dishes to look for an old boy band CD.  Yet as the dreamy soundtrack danced about my home I worked.  Most of the time I wasn’t even considering the music.  I caught myself smiling as I picked up clean socks strewn throughout the house.  Missys Jane loves snatching socks from our folded clothes and chewing them while she adventures around our home.  Then as I transformed dirty dishes into a sparkling precariously stacked work of art it hit me.  The inviting… excited… somber… joyous…loving… victorious musical journey was dare I say… a bit like my journey on this long night to rid our home of messes.  The inviting mess mirrored the music at just the right time and while I was wrapping up the last of the chores and imagining what I would soon be writing about “Here Comes the Sun” snuck out of the speakers.  And that ladies was pure perfection.

Sure I woke up earlier than I wanted, helped Mr. D tackle some of his struggles expressing himself, embraced an emotional memorial walk to remember Seth and all the babies who’ve entered into heaven, and then tackled the pile of obstacles keeping me from truly enjoying life.  Even after such an exhausting day this whimsical soundtrack brought me back to all the things I love the most about being a mom.   I’m so proud of my kiddos, my husband and this life we share and surprisingly through all of this I’m learning to be proud of myself again.

Happy Monday friends… I need some sleep!

Mr. D gets creative and tries to amuse his sister with a flashlight.  Surprisingly she loved it!

Mr. D gets creative and tries to amuse his sister with a flashlight. Surprisingly she loved it!


377 thoughts on “Magical cleaning?

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