…{Tuesday Grace Letters}…

I proudly adopt this new Tuesday routine.

“A beautiful call for parents to write from your heart to the hearts of your loves.” Kara

A journey to live my life with grace as I explore my hopes, dreams, fears and loves.

If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘Tuesday Grace Letter’ in the comments for all to find and see.

~Tuesday Grace Letters created by Mundane Faithfulness

Assignment:  “Open week” 

Oh how do you do it? I envy your gentle ways.  The way you calmly rise early to ready our home and start your day so the rest of us can snuggle just a while longer.  Sure you must be tired yet you’re making lunches while your three loves snuggle with messy bedhead.  Seriously I thought I had crazy morning hair and then along came Mr. D’s curls and Little Missy’s long silky hair.

Don’t worry daddy when you come back in to put on your tie we’ll all beg you to snuggle with us.

Please silence the need to hurry… please oh PLEASE DADDY snuggle with us! Most days you humor us for a moment. Then back to the grindstone. We all reluctantly rise and begin our morning routine. The kids race to see who can dress the fastest. It’s all I can do to ready myself, to pack diapers and tidy the place up a bit.

Before I know it our alarm goes off… it’s 7:15 {our 15 minute warning}
snooze … snooze … snooze
yikes it’s 7:30 am ready or not out the door we go!

Just before Little Missy arrived

Together we tackle the car seats and snuggle our babies beneath blankets. Just as I realize I forgot to make my breakfast I see you silently made me a bagel. Oh how I love your early morning efficiency. How do you do it? You are one of the quietest people I know yet you love us so big with your actions. You aren’t a man of compliments or complaints you’re full of silent actions … perfect reminders tucked throughout our chaos that you love us so big.

As we celebrated our first ten years as a couple I wondered how I could possibly show you my appreciation for all that we have. Sadly my morning efficiency can’t compare to yours. Thankfully I have a great partner to look to when I just can’t stop kissing our snuggle bugs.

Mundane Faithfulness

629 thoughts on “Silent Grace

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