It’s easy to be swept up by the desire to express love through objects and scripted words this February.  Thankfully after reflecting on a chaotic beautiful day with my littles I’ve been reminded just how wonderful TRUE LOVE is!

From the eyes of my littles love is literally thrusting your heart into something your friend holds dear without giving it’s rational or the probability of success a thought.  Little Miss often struts around the house grumping {yes in our home we create semi-imaginary words.} Being opinionated is a tricky thing for someone who can’t yet fend for herself.  Despite her stubborn ways I catch her persistent brother attempting to love her honestly.  After waking from her nap this afternoon she craved snuggles with Momma.  I of course obliged.  We sat by the fire chatting and rocking.  Still nothing could tame her firm grumpy face.  Brother decided she’d spent enough time wallowing.  He dropped his toys and showed his pure determination to cheer her.


Snowy fun a top 3 feet of crisp snow.


“Do you want to play with me?”

He barely finished before she hollered “NO!”

“Sissy do you want to snuggle with brother?” he asks.


“Do you want a baby orange?” {mandarins: back when our kids were picky about produce we renamed them.  The adorable name stuck and so did their love for baby oranges.}

“No!” she snaps.

He runs off and returns hauling a load of matchbox cars and a track.  Ever persistent “do you want to race my cars with my track?”

Finally a softer reply “Um Yeah!”


I witnessed it all and was impressed yet I failed to really recognize the HONEST LOVE they share.  His persistence to cheer her when he could have continued playing ignoring the whole grumpy situation, that’s love.  And then despite her need to be snuggled she softened as to not disappoint big brother with yet another grumpy answer to his rapid fire offers.  What a truly beautiful thing a sibling is.  Thankfully ours are growing more in love with each other despite their many struggles.

Today my LITTLES reminded me that love is setting aside your toys to offer happiness to another!


Winter boardwalk


335 thoughts on “The Art of Loving {A sibling story}

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