Imagine a world where everyone cares, where everyone loves and offers hugs a world, where scraped knees warrant kisses.  A world full of wonder and an abundance of new discoveries.

I sit trying to grasp the reality of our sad world today with bombings at the Boston Marathon.  So thankful that my friends who were in Boston are alright.   I try to imagine this world from the innocent point of view of my son Damon.  He noticed the chaos on the television.  I was trying hard to shelter him from it but little boys pick up on even quiet TV sirens like no other.

“Why are they hurt?” 

What am I supposed to say?

“They’re hurting because sometimes bad people hurt others.”

“Why, why’d they do that?”

I can’t explain how tricky it is to come up with the right words to explain something like this to a toddler.  Obviously less is more with this discussion.  Hoping that this lesson about people with booboos thanks to the horrendous actions of a terrible person will help him understand that we need to be gentle with one another.

Satisfied with Mommy’s answer and his safe place in this world he climbed into bed just like every other peaceful day in his world.  Trying to gather the words for this post my youngest Reese again gives new light to my perspective of this trauma.  Television sharing the sad news in the background, Reese snuggling on my lap she smiles peacefully in her sleep.  She’s confident that anything she ever needs in this world will be taken care of, there’s no fear, no worry about spending time in public places or cheering on her daddy at races.  Looking at my babies their innocence, their peace, their awe of this world gives me hope.  Hope that by the time my children become parents they’ll never need to share delicate explanations of a horrific tragedy.

As parents, educators and humans we are responsible to make a positive impact on this world and to provide the next generation the tools they need to make this a better world.

I pray for the families of those directly impacted by today’s tragedy, I pray for our great country.  I pray for the parents who need to share valuable lessons with their children and I pray that we can instil values in our children so such incidents no longer plague this amazing world!

398 thoughts on “Through our children’s eyes

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