I’m constantly amazed by the genuine creativity and honest words from the hearts of mommas expressed through the blogging world.  One of the all time most inspirational journeys I’ve read is Mundane Faithfulness.  The strong momma, Kara, behind this blog is amazing!  Her words have the power to beautifully impart joy and peace into my heart.  Oh what a gift to my life her words have been.  The moment I read Kara was starting a weekly blog tradition… Tuesday Grace Letters… I knew I had to join this journey.  I’m an aspiring writer and I try to document our beautiful chaos filled days in my Mom’s One Line a Day journal.  I love looking back on previous entries.  I imagine myself smiling as I relive our crazy adventures once the kiddos have left our nest.  If you don’t have a way of documenting your daily adventures I strongly recommend the line a day journal!  So without further ado

…{Tuesday Grace Letters}…

I proudly adopt this new Tuesday routine.

“A beautiful call for parents to write from your heart to the hearts of your loves.” Kara

A journey to live my life with grace as I explore my hopes, dreams, fears and loves.

If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘Tuesday Grace Letter’ in the comments for all to find and see.

~Tuesday Grace Letters created by Mundane Faithfulness

Assignment:  “Write a love letter to your children as parents.  Send them you best love for the moment they become parents or the moment in which they currently live as parents. Share your love, your joy, your heart, and certainly grace.” Mundane Faithfulness.

Please enjoy this love letter to my little ones.  The kiddos who will one day sooner than I can imagine be grown-up parents:

Dear grown-up snuggle bug,
First of all thank you for being my child!  Thank you for teaching me about the beauty of life’s little moments.  You’ve challenged my strength and made me the best person I can be.  You’ve taught me that a happy heart is worth so much more than a tidy home.  You’ve given meaning to the saying it’s so much better to give than to receive.  In reality I’ve learned that by giving my love and time I receive so much more in return.

Congratulations on this new phase of your life as a parent.  I have complete confidence that you’ll do a wonderful job parenting your sweet little snuggle bug.  Right before I began writing this I kissed you sweet cheeks and offered wishes for only the sweetest dreams to enter your curls tonight.  Mr. D you’re currently 3 while Little Missy is 15 months {please forgive me if I’m missing someone – it’s possible this letter is also written to a child I haven’t yet met}. I’m tired… oh so tired yet so super happy. Soon you’ll know the joy of these complex mixed emotions.  These are the side effects of parenthood.

Fast forward to a few pieces of motherly advice as you embark on the beautifully unpredictable journey of parenthood.  First your life is no longer yours.  May you have the patience to know that your primary responsibility is to care for the most perfect grand-babies any grandma could imagine.  It might sound overwhelming but believe me this will be the most phenomenal journey you could take.

I’m sure you’ve already discovered just how beautiful this life is.  Grab your sunglasses… life as a parent is even more colorful. Soon that tiny resting baby will be running full speed into your room each morning to greet you with the best wake-up snuggles.  Love those snuggles don’t rush to hop out of bed and begin breakfast. Smell those stinky babies… fluffy their curly hair… watch as they admire you.  This phase will soon pass.  The day your nest empties you’ll long for these moments.

Please know that despite the struggles being a mom is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I have complete confidence that you will agree parenting is by far the best most wonderful opportunity.  May you embrace the craziest messiest moments knowing these are the times that write on your soul.

Just yesterday Little Missy began to sake her finger at me when she wants something.  I can imagine that finger shaking at your child.  “Don’t climb on to that chair.  You’re just a baby stop growing so fast.”


 Darling Little Missy I pray that you never know the struggles I felt after you and Mr. D were born. As my daughter it pains me to imagine that you may follow in my footsteps suffering silently with postpartum depression the way I did. Thankfully I was blessed with gifts that helped me to find the strength to talk and seek support.  Daddy, Mr. D and you loved me unconditionally when I struggled to l love and value myself.  My friends and family offered simple love and encouragement that meant more to me than they could have imagined. There will be days when you’ll feel overwhelmed and moments you’ll second guess your strength.   During these times please remember you are NOT alone. You’re strong, determined and admired by so many.  I pray that I’ll be around to help you through the ups and downs of mommy-hood.


Our little man is completely head over heels for his daddy right now.  Admiring Daddy Mr. D has started telling me that he’s almost a daddy.  Thankfully I know that though these early years will fly by he isn’t a dad just yet.


On the day you were born… Mr. D

 Mr. D I’ll be honest helping you to grow was one of the biggest most exhausting challenge of my life.  It’s also been one of the most phenomenal adventures of my life. You’ve been so strong and so helpful your entire life.  I’m completely sure that these qualities will serve you wonderfully as a father.  I pray that your kind heart has found the perfect partner to share your life with.  As a three-year old you loved to imagine a solution to every struggle (even those that shouldn’t concern a toddler).  May your contagious sense of humor shine light on the most ridiculous parenting moments.  Your dad and I have always loved sharing glances as we silently laugh at your messy adventures.  I wish you many silent laughs with your kiddos.  I’ve always admired your inquisitive mind. Oh how I wonder what you’ll do with all of this creativity.

 Challenge your children to dream bigger than they believe they can.

 Laugh even when it’s hard.

Encourage them when you’d rather rest.

Embrace the messes {and try to see the lessons behind them}.

Imagine the world through the eyes of my darling grand-babies.

May you be blessed with all that you hope for.  And NEVER forget to find ways to share your blessings with this great world.  I’m proud of you!

Love, Mommy

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