I’m constantly amazed by the genuine creativity and honest words from the hearts of mommas expressed through the blogging world.  One of the all time most inspirational journeys I’ve read is Mundane Faithfulness.  The strong momma, Kara, behind this blog is amazing!  Her words have the power to beautifully impart joy and peace into my heart.  Oh what a gift to my life her words have been.  The moment I read Kara was starting a weekly blog tradition… Tuesday Grace Letters… I knew I had to join this journey.  I’m an aspiring writer and I try to document our beautiful chaos filled days in my Mom’s One Line a Day journal.  I love looking back on previous entries.  I imagine myself smiling as I relive our crazy adventures once the kiddos have left our nest.  If you don’t have a way of documenting your daily adventures I strongly recommend the line a day journal!  So without further ado


…{Tuesday Grace Letters}…

I proudly adopt this new Tuesday routine.

“A beautiful call for parents to write from your heart to the hearts of your loves.” Kara

A journey to live my life with grace as I explore my hopes, dreams, fears and loves.

If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘Tuesday Grace Letter’ in the comments for all to find and see.

~Tuesday Grace Letters created by Mundane Faithfulness

Come play!

Come play!

To start this letter to myself I feel the need to include a disclaimer (creating this post is challenging and awkward~ I’m not perfect or even half perfect.)  Today I’m a person opening up to herself and posting it in a very public way.  {please don’t pass judgement… I’m new to this.}  Thanks for joining me!

Enjoying Seth's 4th Birthday cupcakes.

Enjoying Seth’s 4th Birthday cupcakes.

Take a walk with me my darling son

I’m a wife and a mom who adores her family.  I’m a perfectionist.  It’s something I’m well aware of and determined to change long before March 4th, 2024!  Looking at the first topic a letter of grace to yourself 10 years from today I’ve found that I both love and fear time.  I’m so blessed with the time I’ve been granted on this fine earth, the time to grow, to fall in love, to travel, and begin a family.  I’ve also had time to mourn and honor the passing of a brief life.  My son Seth wasn’t granted much time on our earth.  He wasn’t granted time to feel my first embrace, to look into his Daddy’s eyes or begin to crawl nor even spend an afternoon feeling the warmth of the sun upon his beautiful face.  Yet he was granted the ability to mean something, to inspire and to make a difference.  I’m a mommy committed to honoring his life.  Loving and missing a child who has passed away changed my perspective on time.  I’m embarrassed to say prior to his passing I didn’t truly grasp the fragility of a moment, of our pregnancy, of a life.


In the time since Seth grew his wings July 31st, 2009 and we embraced his delicate body I’ve been on overdrive.  Striving to fit a hundred hurried moments into each day.  I work my mind to exhaustion dreaming of ways I can and will honor his brief life.  I work my body to exhaustion keeping up with the lives I’m blessed to share this home with.  Our kiddos Mr. D and Little Missy bring love, joy and anxiety to my hurried days.  I’m keenly aware that life is short.  Adventurers must be had and memories made each day.  During his short life and in each day since his passing angel baby Seth has made this world a better place.  Knowing Seth’s love and the love his daddy has for me

enabled me to mourn…

to try again and again…

to dream…

to explore…

to honor…

and soon to create!


In addition to being a mom and wife I’m a daydreamer who aspires to become a creative entrepreneur.  I’m proud of my accomplishments thus far with the time I have been given.  I look forward to all that my Angel Seth will inspire me to do in his name {my sOnflower}.  I am wholeheartedly committed  to embracing each adventure with Mr. D and Little Missy.  Not only do I strive to be perfect and to fill my days beyond the brim I also set this immense expectation that I must love every stinky, slimy minute.  As if I can ignore the exhaustion of parenthood and love each minute.  I have this immense blessing with the responsibility to parent Seth’s crazy little siblings.

Fall Fun... before the sister arrives.

Fall Fun… before the sister arrives.


Our favorite fall farm 2012

Our favorite fall farm 2012

In 2024 Mr. D will be 13.  I imagine he’ll still have an inquisitive heart full of energy and life.  I pray he’ll find time to dream big and love himself.  My little Missy will be 11 come 2024.  It seems impossible to believe a child who now snuggles within my arms will find herself in a complicated world with pressures to fit in.  I pray that this young child will be confident and proud and capable of truly loving herself while she dares to dream big.  I pray that Brent and I will have the opportunity to celebrate our sweet sixteenth anniversary loving and admiring one another even more than we currently do.


My love for time is evident I’m becoming a happier more fulfilled person each day.  Yet I still fear time as I struggle feeling worthy of a new day.  How am I this blessed while others {like my dear Seth} can’t share this day with his two imaginative siblings?  It’s a bit of a catch 22: I’m honored and blessed to be here to have this day and this family yet I feel so unworthy that I’m almost paralyzed by the possibility of living fully.  It’s as if I can see myself dreaming and striving yet failing to be honestly comfortable with doing my best.  I fear growing older as I watch my babies one day leave the love and safety of this modest home.  I pray I’m given the opportunity to embrace each new day to be the best momma, wife and person I can be while also honoring Seth and all babies who are now enjoying the unimaginable happiness of Heaven.


Oh so juicy!

Oh so juicy!

This life is hectic, it’s beautiful, it’s quite messy and it’s all mine.  One goal for myself over the next 10 years is to dream of a day of a life when I no longer feel the need to be bound solely by time.  For an era when I’ve become comfortable knowing I’ll never accomplish everything I envision.  For a time when I’m comfortable with the person, mom, wife and creator I am.  

The beauty of this adventure is knowing that I’ve lived, dreamed and dared to give it my entire heart to those I love!

It’s with a gracious heart that I pray I’m embarking on the best years of my life!


Fall beauty!

Do check out the rest of the lovely people who’ve participated in this endeavor!

Mundane Faithfulness

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