I’m so excited to be entering the blogging world through WordPress.  I have experience blogging with Blogger but felt that this adventure deserved the challenge of WordPress.  I have so much to learn and am eager to share some things about me and my creative endeavors to peak your interest.

In the coming weeks I’ll be tweaking the look and feel of this new home.  I’m so eager… this transition is a lot like decorating your home.  Giving it the perfect feel… you know what I mean.  The ideal home can make you want to leave even the best party early so you can relax in your place amidst the things and people you love the most.  I hope you can grow to love this space and leave your mark on it.  Thanks for stopping by, please wish me luck.

Oh… and as I’m throwing down the welcome mat and putting the finishing touches on our centerpieces.  Feel free to grab a cocktail…I mean check out some of my favorite things…{ https://pinterest.com/mysonflower/ }… Enjoy!


P.S.I PROMISE the rest of my posts won’t look quite so dull.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my sOnflower

  1. Erica, The new page looks great! I’m so glad you got your own domain. I’m sure there will be many great things to come with this new project of yours. Congrats!

    I LOVE the new banner. It’s such a clean looking banner yet still so creative and perfect for your site! Love the background lace, love the font, love the sunflower! Great job!

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